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Orange County Business Law Practice

Business Acquisitions & Sales
The purchase or sale of a business is a time of unbridled optimism for at least one side or the other, and sometimes both sides. However, the modern realities of owning and operating a business means that there are numerous issues besides a price that must be considered, negotiated and documented in connection with the purchase or sale of a business.
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Business Enterprises
Everything from incorporation to exit strategies. Winsten Law Group provides a wide range of services to a broad array of privately held and publicly traded businesses. These services relate to all manner of business issues including entity formation (Corporations, LLC's, Partnerships, etc,) partnership agreements, business sales and acquisitions, contract negotiation and drafting, lease review and negotiations. read more

Debt & Credit
Winsten Law Group is particularly adept at working out (negotiating) prosecuting and defending against large, complex, debt collection situations, on behalf of both individuals and business institutions.
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Health Care
Healthcare providers operate within a complex maze of rules and regulations that govern how they are to conduct many facets of their business and how they are to be paid. We actively represent healthcare providers in payment and refund workouts and litigation.
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While the firm has a deserved reputation for aggressive strategies and their forceful implementation, successful litigation in this context requires an understanding of both the power of force and the power of persuasion, and an ability to know where to draw the line. We pride ourselves in always keeping in mind that the ultimate solution must be in our clients’ best interests.
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Ownership Disputes
Business divorces generally happen in one of two ways, by agreement or through litigation. Sometimes there are contracts in place which might govern the terms of the business divorce, like shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, or limited liability company operating agreements. Winsten Law Group has over two decades of intensive hands on experience in negotiating and litigating business divorces.
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Real Estate
Winsten Law Group has substantial experience in negotiating and drafting real estate contracts of many types, including residential, industrial and commercial contracts. We have also successfully litigated numerous types of real estate contract disputes, including partnership and joint venture agreements, leases, purchase and sale agreements, easement agreements, development agreements, loan and mortgage agreements, deeds of trust, etc.
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