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Real Estate

Real Estate

Real estate includes all “real property”, i.e. land and buildings, as opposed to “personal property” (things like cars and furniture) and “intangible property” (things like patents trademarks and copyrights.) The business of real estate is governed by numerous laws and regulations. There are many special rules that apply to real estate contracts. Many times, real estate contracts are written by real estate agents or might render them unenforceable altogether. Image

Winsten Law Group has substantial experience in negotiating and drafting real estate contracts of many types, including residential, industrial and commercial contracts. We have also successfully litigated numerous types of real estate contract disputes, including partnership and joint venture agreements, leases, purchase and sale agreements, easement agreements, development agreements, loan and mortgage agreements, deeds of trust, etc.

Real estate transactions requiring legal representation usually fall under the following three categories:

Purchases & Sales
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