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Bruce Carter, Ad Vice Advetising Agency
When our publishing company was sued for millions of dollars, we needed an attorney we could rely on to provide very personal service. The case was complex, the stakes were high and we needed somebody we could work well with. An attorney friend referred me to Winsten Law Group. I felt Mr. Winsten was personally invested in winning our case, he was always accessible, his advice was sagacious and his staff was very supportive. I could not ask for more. We successfully defeated every motion and avoided a lengthy jury trial after successfully securing Summary Judgment. He found the shortest path to victory and delivered with professionalism.

Rick Tarbell, President, Fortune II Marketing and Consulting
I want to express my appreciation for you and your firms legal representation involving our corporation formation, original lease contract and agreements, and lastly in enforcing lessee compliance of the terms of such agreements. Your ability to apply law with practical business knowledge saved us from unnecessary legal fees and expenditure of time with legal issues. We look forward to your continued professional services.

Harold Ducote, Esq., Costa Mesa, CA
In a bitter three sided proceeding, I opposed Mike Winsten and his client. I had not known Mike Winsten until I began opposing him. The antagonism of the parties was great. Mike Winsten did not allow the hostile attitudes of the parties to influence his judgment, and indeed went on to contribute substantially to the resolution of the case.

Since that time, we have worked on many matters together, mostly as allies, sometime not. However, his skill, judgment, and creativity as a lawyer are always on display, and his ethics are beyond reproach. Should anyone require, I would be happy to both recommend and discuss Mike Winsten as a lawyer and as a professional.

Mary Vergara-Carter, Jazz Gourmet Foods, Inc.
A food packaging company had negligently mislabeled sixteen pallets of our product and refused to fix the error. We retained Winsten Law Group to help us. We had never sued anyone before so Mr. Winsten walked us through the entire process so we’d know what to expect. We found the entire experience rather pain-free and by the time the defendants had finished giving Mr. Winsten their depositions, they knew they could not win in court and promptly reimbursed us for our losses, just as our attorney had predicted.”

Scot C. Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Outdoor Advertising Services, LLC
Now that our cases are settled, I want to express my appreciation for your entire firm and specifically your legal expertise. In today’s competitive legal environment, there are many choices for legal services and the adversaries are great. At first I was concerned that a firm centered on a few legal counselors would be out gunned by the larger firms. My concerns were quickly arrested when I witnessed the nimbleness and meticulousness at which a more entrepreneurial firm can operate. The big Guerilla never had a chance to turn around and take a punch.

Cid Frank, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
As the owner of a business for the past 20 years I have retained Mike Winsten to represent my corporation on numerous, complex legal issues. Mike has always been accessible, very cost effective and provided me with smart business oriented advice with positive results. I heartily endorse Mike's legal services to any business owner, large or small, who is seeking a conscientious business lawyer.

Experience, Veracity, Strength.
These are the hallmarks that have defined Mike Winsten's career. He will take care of your business needs!

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