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Trust & Estate

Trust and Estate Litigation

Trust and estate litigation requires a special combination of analytical, tactical and litigation skills that includes utilization of probate and trust laws and civil litigation procedures. Winsten Law Group renders pre-litigation, mediation, other alternative dispute resolution services, and litigation services based on the client’s needs and objectives. We have represented executors, trustees, beneficiaries and charitable institutions.

Among the matters we handle are:

  • Trust and estate accounting disputes
  • Intrepretation and construction of estate planning instruments
  • Determination of heirship
  • Will or trust contests based on lack of capacity or undue influence
  • Challenges to no contest clauses
  • Removal of have breached their fiduciary duties
  • Property rights disputes
  • Valuation disputes
Trust and estate matters can be emotionally charged matters for those involved. Winsten Law Group is adept at being sensitive to a client’s emotional reactions to these matters, while also rendering smart, solution oriented counseling or litigation representation. Our goal in handling these disputes is to secure a fair and reasonable outcome for our clients as quickly as possible, while minimizing the disruption to their lives.
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